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Mole Control in Kent 

We provide professional, humane mole control. 
Moles are known for their capacity to destroy your lawn or agricultural land by means of a complex series of tunnels leaving deposits of earth above ground (mole hills) as they burrow. 
Galloway Pest Control in Kent use a trapping method to catch the mole or moles. No harmful gases, chemicals or poisons are used so you can be safe in the knowledge that pets and children can continue to enjoy the garden during the mole trapping process. 
We have been trapping moles successfully for many years and we are proud members British Traditional Mole Catchers Register. 
Problems with moles in Kent? 

Rabbit Control in Kent 

Galloway Pest Control in Kent are probably one of the only pest control companies who use their own team of working ferrets to control rabbits.  
The ferrets are placed into the entrance of the burrows to flush out the rabbits which are then dispatched humanely. 
Our rabbit control services are also available in the evening when rabbits are very active. We have specialist night vision equipment should you prefer a visit at this time. 
Depending on numbers you should expect more than one visit to bring the rabbits under control. 
We do not use gases, chemicals or poisons to eradicate rabbits but prefer ferreting, netting or shooting. 
Rabbit trouble in Kent? 

Rat and Mice Control in Kent 

Quick and effective eradication and pest control of mice, rats, vermin and rodents. 
Rats and mice have the ability to jump, swim, dig, climb and gnaw their way into your property. This makes them one of the most difficult pests to control. 
Galloway Pest Control in Kent use a variety of control methods which is dependent on the environment where the problem is occurring. We use a variety of bait boxes and traps to eradicate rat and mice problems. It is likely that more than one visit will need to be applied. 
For both homes and business premises it may be necessary to offer a contract service which is dependent on many factors. This will be discussed with you at the first appointment and survey. 
Rodent problem in Kent? 

Squirrel Control in Kent 

Squirrel control, trapping and removal. 
Some people actually enjoy watching squirrels in the garden and often promote their presence by feeding them. But there will come a time where the squirrel will become a pest. 
The most common of places squirrels cause a nuisance is taking up residence in loft areas where it will cause great damage not to mention the noise especially at night. 
The safest and most effective method Galloway Pest Control in Kent use is to capture the squirrels in wire traps. The squirrels are then transported away from your premises and relocated elsewhere. 
Need squirrels relocated in Kent? 

Fox Control in Kent 

Please be assured that we only provide humane methods of control and removal of foxes, from urban and agricultural property throughout Kent. 
Ah the cunning fox! More and more these days foxes are moving from their natural habitat into urban areas for rich and easy pickings. They are not only a pest to farmers targeting livestock but a pest of the gardener and householders. 
Galloway Pest Control Services in Kent use two effective methods of control. In most cases foxes can be trapped by baiting a wire cage and then relocated. 
Circumstances may require that persistent/returning foxes to be shot. 
Foxes can not be poisoned under the legislation "Protection of Animals Act 1911". 
Nuisance fox on your property in Kent? 

Deer Control in Kent 

How we control deer problems for farmers and landowners in Kent. 
The deer population is very much on the increase in the United Kingdom and there has been a significant rise of road traffic accidents reported due to the fact that deer have been sighted at different times of the day not just at the expected times of early morning or late evening. 
Galloway Pest Control only use the most effective method of deer control and deer management and that is to shoot them. As harsh as this may sound it is the most effective and humane way to deal with problem deer. 
As registered members of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation we have full liability cover (10 Million) for all shooting categories. Before this method of control is carried out a full risk assessment of the area will be conducted. Strict safety regulations are adhered to and applied at all times. 
Deer problems in Kent? 
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